Vacuum Mattress Air Technology

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About VMat

VMat (Vacuum-Mattress-Air-Technology) is a patented vacuum system that cleans the inside of your mattress simply by attaching your home vacuum cleaner to the mattress by way of a special valve. Vacuum hoses are installed within the mattress directly under where you sleep, where most of the dead skin and dust-mites accumulate. The vacuum hoses are formatted to create a wind tunnel within your mattress. This wind tunnel makes the dust within your mattress airborne where it can then be sucked out through special holes in the vacuum tubes. Simply attaching your home vacuum to VMat once a week will prevent build-up of dead skin, dust-mites, dust, mold, and detritus.

What’s in Your Mattress?

There are many things in your mattress. After 10 years of use, your mattress weighs 30% more than it did when you bought it. That 30% is made up mostly of dust-mites, dead skin and detritus. (detritus is the name given to dead dust-mites and dead skin that turns to dust and becomes airborne. That dust you see floating in the air of your bedroom on a sunny day is detritus.)

VMat sucks the detritus, dead-skin, and dust-mites out of your mattress, and reduces the humidity level within your mattress. Dust-mites need a humidity level of over 52% to thrive. Reducing the humidity levels in your mattress will create an in-hospitable environment for the dust-mite, as well as greatly reduce the formation of mold within your mattress.

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A mastermind
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Matelas Princesse can custom-engineer to suit the size and shape of the sleepers
Sandro Lisi with the V-MAT Systems by Montreal Gazette
Matelas Sur Mesure - A Mattress Custom Built for You

At Matelas Sur Mesure, we believe that every individual deserves a mattress built to his and her specifications and preferences. Our 3-step process will give us what we need in order us to make you your very own customized mattress, and it will give you what you need to sleep soundly through the night. We are the only retailer in North America making custom made mattress, and it’s only possible because we are the manufacturer.

Custom Mattresses
Matelas Princesse - Mattresses Direct from the Manufacturer

Matelas Princesse makes mattresses. We started making mattresses in 1984 and haven’t stopped since. Matelas Princesse works out of a 15000 square foot factory in Montreal, Quebec. Our mattresses are made the old fashion way, by hand: no assembly lines, no mass production. That’s why we still make reversible mattresses that need to be flipped around, because we can.

Mattress Liquidation
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